The Versus Battle.


Versus battles have been all the rage on social media lately so we decided to have our very own. We recently restocked out fan-favorite Rose Gold snapback rhinestone hair clips but we didn't stop there. Scrolling through our comments and messages on Instagram and Facebook led us to release a smaller version of the staple Rose Gold snapback clips. We understand that not everyone wants to make that much of a statement and would feel a bit more comfortable with hair accessories on a smaller scale. Your wish has been granted so its time for a versus battle. We want to know which one you would rather rock. 


Rose Gold is a vibe in itself and its a color wave we will continue to create but are you more of a nano Mocha Mobster or an OG Rose Gold type of person. Leave your comments below on which one you prefer. 


The new Nano Rose Gold rhinestone hair clips feature a slightly different design than our original. Both hair clips open and clasp the exact same way. These are the easiest hairclips to insert and remove from any hair texture. The Nano is 3 cm smaller than our original clip. (shown in the diagram above) These hairclips also pair well together and add dimension to any look. They will be sold as a set of two because who can just own one. Make sure you tag us in your photos once you grab yours on July 28th, 2020. They will be available exclusively on 

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