Mocha Mane was Born.

My mother was a real Queen!


Mocha Mane started as an idea in a sketch book brought together by texture and SKINspiration over 3 years ago, shortly after the death of my mother. I began to draw names and logos of my brand that could withstand the test of time. I've always been into the arts and would sell things I would create. Throughout high school and college, I created handmade earrings that I sold a pop-up shops and on Etsy. This entire idea of Mocha Mane was visually imbedded in my head and I had to find the ideal way to let it flourish because it was unlike anything else I did previously. I knew exactly what I wanted but the execution had to be perfect, or so I thought.


These are the very first hair clips I designed.

After years of working on Mocha Mane, perfection went out the window when I realized it was virtually impossible. I had to recognize that never being content would force me to strive for more. It's a the process of constant growth, which is the ideal mindset for any long lasting venture. Instead of stalling and making excuses, I started planning photoshoots, designing products, researching manufactures and building my website. I gave myself a deadline to launch Mocha Mane before the new decade began. Time really does fly because January easily turned into November and now we are in the last month of 2019. This actually worked out perfectly and I guess things really do happen for a reason.

 My mother let us cut her hair decades of relaxer to go natural.

 Now the day has come.....Mocha Mane is born. December 21st 2019 is the day we launch and it's also my mother's born day. She would be 60 years young and although she is no longer with us, Mocha Mane is officially dedicated to her. She's the woman that continued to motivate me to create and stay true to myself. Around the age of ten, she purchased my first custom art kit because she reconsigned my love for drawing and painting. Would you believe that happened over 20 years ago and I still own that art kit. It doesn't get used much but it holds so much value. My mother cultivated my spirit of creativity and would often encourage me to never stop doing whatever made me happy. I remember being fussed at for taking a break from creating Youtube videos and I didn't even know that she kept up with my channel. Needless to say mothers know best and good moms know their children, whether it's verbally mentioned or not. She is my world, my reigning queen, and this is for you, Mama! 

Her spirit was forever tough but loving.  
I hope that everyone who shops with Mocha Mane enjoys their hair accessories and boldly rocks them. These were all designed with the purpose of promoting positivity and self-love. Let's continue to cultivate creativity. Thank you for being apart of this #MochaMoment

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