The Rose Gold Concept Restock.

Who knew that rhinestone hair clips would be such a major move for the fashion industry. It's essentially categorized as jewelry which is an everyday statement staple for most people. Adorning hair is acceptable across nearly all cultures and typically signifies beauty and confidence. We are here for it!
We released our "Snap Back" rhinestone hair clips shortly after our initial release in December 2019 and they were a hit, to say the least. The Rose Gold concept sold out in less than 3 months and is our very first item to sell out. The color choice is already unique and rare in itself that many of our Mocha Mobsters had to grab them. Then the social surge began and you guys requested a restock, but of course, Corona Virus has different plans. 
All of our hair accessories are handmade to perfection with the highest quality materials in China. During this pandemic, demand has been higher but our manufacture has been closed until recently. The current issues that plague the world may have postponed our planned releases for 2020 but definitely didn't stop them. Although we are well aware of the fact that hair accessories are not essential or important we still feel as if everyone needs a little sparkle in their life during such dark times.
With that being said, we are proud to announce that our stand out "Rose Gold Snap Back" rhinestone hair clips will return to our website on Tuesday, July 28th at 9 am CST. Stay tuned because we have quite a few more surprises for the remainder of 2020. Something new within the Rose Gold Concept range might make an appearance also. If you're not subscribed to our newsletter, you might want to. We will be offering our Mocha Mob early access and exclusive discount codes on all new releases. Let us know in the comments below what you think might be dropping also. 
We truly appreciate your business and support throughout this pandemic and beyond. We are listening to your requests and feedback and making it happen. Never hesitate to reach out to us on our social media platforms and tag @mochamane in all your posts. You can also use our hashtags
#mochamane #mochamob 

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